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We no longer manufacture or service the MicrOni, Oni Kage, or Oni H Bot 3D printers at this time.

Below you'll find printer guides and a general FAQ:

Printer Guides

Bed Prep and Troubleshooting

How do I prepare the bed?
Kage, Kage Tall and Oni H Bot

Remove the bed by removing the binder clips and sliding it out. Wash and dry with soap and hot water. Once the bed is dry, apply Aqua Net Super Hold hairspray 8 inches from the glass surface. Once the hairspray sets and is dry, reinsert the glass bed back onto the heat bed and affix with the binder clips.


Make sure that the metal bed is free of debris, then lay down your blue tape, being careful not to leave gaps between strips or to layer on top of each other too much. Once the tape is on the bed, put some alcohol on a cotton ball and rub over the tape. This will allow the tape fibers to bind to the filament better. Do not use sharp implements on the bed.  

When do I need to re-apply hairspray on the Kage, Kage Tall or Oni H Bot?
Every 4-5 prints, and any time that you feel your prints aren’t adhering to the bed properly. You don’t need to wash the bed every single time you re-apply the hairspray, but after a lot of prints, it’s a good idea to wash it and start with a clean slate.

My print keeps “slipping” off the bed. Why?
When the filament keeps slipping off, this is usually due to not having enough adhesion on the bed. For the Kage, re-apply hairspray to fix this issue. For the MicrOni, reapply alcohol to the blue tape, or replace blue tape entirely.

How do I level, or home, the bed?

From LCD screen → Control → Level bed

How do you move the bed?

From the LCD screen →  Prepare → Move axis → 1mm → Z axis

This will allow you to move the bed in either the positive direction (lowering the bed), or negative position (raising the bed).

What’s the recommended fan speed for MicrOni?
Minimum: 35%
Maximum: 50%

What file format should I use?
Your prints should be in either .STL or .OBJ file format.

Nozzle Care

My nozzle is jammed, why?

A jam occurs when the filament isn’t properly extruding from the nozzle head. Many jams can be avoided by learning to recognize when they may happen.

My extruder is grinding plastic, what do I do?

Using a hex key, turn the the extruder bolt counter-clockwise to loosen it until the filament is being fed properly. Naturally, the extruder will cause groove imprints on the filament as it’s fed through to the nozzle. This is normal.


How much Z-hop should I use for my prints?


Why am I getting a “Thermal runaway” error?

Thermal runaway is a safety feature that will cause the printer to stop printing. One way to avoid this is to check that the fan settings in your slicing software aren’t too high. If you keep getting the error, trying adjusting the minimum and maximum fan speed to a lower setting.

Printer Guides
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